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I think about these buildings all the time. Even though I’m bracing myself for the dull, unimaginative retail fixture this fantastic architectural piece will eventually deteriorate into, I have to say I’m really enjoying this stage right now of it existing purely as this sculptural part of the landscape. Forget about the plans and articles. Right now, it’s nothing inside. It’s pure potential.

Generally it’s cause for impatience when a finished building takes so long to ‘open’ but in the case of Stack A, I have to say I’m enjoying this period of emptiness. One of the best things about Stack A going uninhabited for so long is that it’s become this great canvas — not quite blank, but still with so much to be filled in — for daydreamers such as ourselves to wax imaginative on its many possibilities and uses. A spa? A science musuem? A modern art museum? None of the above?

In daylight, a few signs of partitions inside — a blight on the blank canvas. How could anyone want to split this thing up into tiny boxes?

Another interesting feature of the redevelopment of these buildings is how the original shape/materials and new glazing combine to create a surface that changes dramatically in different light. A rare structure that looks just as intriguing no matter the natural light.

You know this is the kind of image that architects love — oh, it will reflect the color of the sky and the buildings opposite (think back to the optimistic renderings of the glass-facade beast beside City Hall) — how cool!

Forgetting that most days are like this:

And still — lovely, desolate, full of possibility.

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