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a boyle: I don’t think we can bank on the national gallery collection having substantial depth beyond what is on display, maybe you know better but it seems to me that they have all the good pictures hanging, they have great pictures, but you didn’t get the feeling of treasures being unveiled when the extension was opened, instead there was a slightly disappointing process of adding more honest attributions.

i was surprised when the chamber of commerce came out a few weeks ago and said we needed to put more pictures on display to make dublin more of a cultural capital, i mean great and i am glad they think so but i don’t think there are lots of undisplayed pictures in the ngi collection (good to see that magner is loaning a modgaliani and the portrait of omai he loaned looks brilliant, maybe there are more good pictures in private hands that will slowly move into public display).

What we don’t have, but exists in public collections, is a comprehensive display of the really great art produced here in the 70s, but that isn’t going to bring in punters on its own, it would really be best done as part of an expansion of the imma. what we really don’t have, in public or private hands is a substantial collection of art from 1850-1950, that’s what people like most but it is hard to see where we will get that now.

the science museum was the best idea, they do great business and address a big need in this city. The modern art gallery idea was a place to display the scullys but they are now in the hugh lane and looking really beautifull.

lifting the bed of the dock was stupid idea, said so at the time.

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