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Well with that management board the proposal for the IFSCwould surely not have had a sufficient foundation to survive the muddy ground within Georges Dock. I seriuosly doubt that the bunch of government appointed hacks that are likely to replace them will be any better, the Gaiety is exactly how a theatre should be run and the only way to make the Abbey profitable is to have an Abbey productions company who tour for 60% of the year and an Abbey Theatre that hosts the production company for 40% of the year and hold profitable events for the other 60% of the year to keep losses at an acceptable level.

My fear is that after the latest debacle that the Abbey as a source of creative cultural output has been damaged significantly, how this was allowed to happen in its centenary year beggars belief, 4m is very little in real terms if the expenditure was planned, applied for and refused by the department of Sport, Golf Courses and boat houses.

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