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He used to get so exited, before Charlie Bird tamed his enthusiasm for all things capital after NIB.

BTW there were two pieces on the Docklands in the Business Post today of Interest, firstly the DDDA has appointed a Director of Architecture. John McLaughlin joind from BDP, a UCD graduate he also worked at Atelier Gaudin Architects in Paris notably on the National Museum of Asian Art and on the Charlety Athletics Stadium which won the Equerred’Argent prize, and was a finalist for the Mies Van Der Rohe award for European Architecture.

I really hope his appointment leads to higher standards in Docklands architecture and this guy certainly has the CV to know what he’s doing.

The Weihnachtsmarket has opened in Mayor Square and features 50 traders selling Christmas gifts, and it is great to see yet another DDDA event kicking off although I must wish good luck to them as I wouldn’t fancy spending all day in December in the great outdoors.

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