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What a state the north side of St Stephen’s Green has become.

This section of the square, the famous Beaux Walk, has so much going for it. Undoubtedly the liveliest section with undoubtedly the best collection of buildings. It has huge footfall. It has a major Dublin hotel…probably the most prestigious. Some of the best restaurants in the city. Growing retail. Little Museum of Dublin. It should be the most prestigious public areas in the city.

But, what on earth are the combined City Council and RPA doing to this area. The western end id obviously being readied for Luas and some sort of resolution of the top of Grafton Street. It’s been a state here for years, at least since the Luas was constructed in 2003. Despite the amount of people pottering about, vast swathes of roadway dominate, given over to a taxi rank.

From here, the pavement narrows ridiculously in front of the St Stephen’s Green Club, despite the fact that this section is retail up to Dawson Street.

A horror shop of poles and island and traffic engineers paraphernalia dominates the junction with Dawson Street, the ugliest in the city. Cross over (at your peril) and continue along narrow pavements in front of Little Museum and the various offices and restaurants here. Again acres of roadway.

Then you come to Kildare Street and are greeted by a new enormous build out of concrete slabs. So poorly done. Part of this new arrangement turning traffic onto Merrion Row from SSG East. Across Kildare Street and the same thing again, shitty build-outs, really poorly done. No concept of what a kerb is. All haphazard and careless DCC work. It will be ever so from the Council. Its impervious to anything else.

And back again to narrow pavements as you approach Merrion Row. And you cant help but wonder why?

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