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Originally posted by Helen
Is the proposed pedestrianisation of Stephen’s Green West an opportunity to improve and develop a landmark Dublin ammenity or is it an ill-conceived/ad hoc planning proposal that will cause traffic gridlocks and general frustration?

Your question touches on three main points, Firstly when was this plan conceived, Secondly will it work and/or be retained and thirdly if it is retained in its current format what will the result be in terms of planning gain for the pedestrian.

No one except John Fitzgerald and Owen Keegan really know how long this has been on the agenda. But in my opinion the traffic load has been excessive on Stephens Green West for about two years, ever since it went from 4 lanes to 2.

It is in my opinion a move of necessity to try alternative routes for the existing traffic, they don’t have an option because 2 lanes will ensure gridlock.

Secondly will it work, the major stumbling blocks will be Loretto parents double parking on Stephens green east to recycle their little darlings. This they can do with four lanes but not with two under the proposed format. More seriously will be the banning of the right turn at the end of Harcourt St for public transport. The forced turn into Cuffe St will prevent all Ranelagh/Dundrum and Rathmines/Terenure/Churchtown buses from entering the core shopping areas of Stephens Green and Dawson St.
It is a no win situation for buses as after they turn right from Cuffe St to Aungier St the stretch from Whitefriars down is gridlocked already, it will render many buses immobile for a minimum of 10-15 minutes during peak hours. It also raises the question where do you put the new bus stops?

Thirdly if the plan works it will provide an excellent Civic Space, allowing one to relax when crossing from Stephens Green to Grafton St, there have been many pedestrians who in a daydream have drifted in front of traffic over the years at this location, one child was tragically killed by a cyclist.

The real question is what is of higher value another civic space entirely free of traffic or the efficient operation of the 14/14A 15/ 15A 15B 44 48A and only public transport disturbing pedestrians.

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