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1) Because the standard of infill in Dublin city centre has improved in recent years.
2) The rubbish thrown up along Nassau Street over the past three decades was surely encouragement enough to produce something worthwhile here.
3) Shay Cleary Architects have an excellent track record around the corner on Dawson Street.

Therefore it is a shame something more dynamic and better detailed wasn’t created for this site, which has a number of enviable attributes including a corner positioning, good scope for height, few deference constraints with neighbouring buildings, a prominent location viewed from the grounds of Trinity, and slap bang in the heart of the city.

A few horizontal rows of glass and a liberal scattering of chopped up picnic tables is hardly creative urban design, less still for such a good site. Increasingly when I see glass buildings like this, I see a void in the street. The picnic tables are like cartoon spectacles on an invisible man.

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