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Frank Taylor

I used to live in Smithfield 15 yrs ago. It has certainly improved since then. The horse fair is occasional and I only noticed it on a couple of occasions. It makes the area more interesting although the more ISPCA type policing the better. The children’s court has to go somewhere and many of the attendees are locals.

Not every area has to be a tourist destination. The population has increased greatly with plenty more private tenants. Population and transport links create a market for more facilities. The planners can be blamed for allowing development that is unsuitable for families and resulting in a narrow demographic of young working tenant residents. This leaves the area quiet during the day.

I preferred living there to temple bar where the noise was too much at night.

To improve smithfield in the future, I would like to see new accommodation suitable for families (large 2/3 bed apartments that overlook green enclosed common play areas, segregated from cars).

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