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@Smithfield Resi wrote:

The animal welfare issues can be dealt with by adequate supervision of the fair. Isn’t it better to have a central location to do this and check on the welfare of the animals in the process rather than scouting the country to find abuses?

I personally feel the vast majority of people attending the fair have no business owning a horse. If it was motor vehicles people were trading in a similar manner or condition the whole thing would have been closed down years ago.
I see your point about controlling the process but I think it’s a ‘tradition’ worth letting go of. It’s a pitiful sight not worthy of any touristy dressing up. That’s my urban, wooly liberal take on it.

Back on topic though- the city is lacking a decent equestrian themed piece of public art and Smithfield is the ideal spot for such a potentially gargantuanly scaled folly. let’s keep the real ponies where they can be properly cared for by capable owners.

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