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@StephenC wrote:

Droool?…sounds like the most bnoring load of old tripe. Who on earth would visit a Legal Museum?

Exactly, I believe the current plan is to locate the Legal Museum in Kilmainham Courthouse which is adjacent to Kilmainham Jail.
It closed last year and I guess the OPW need something to use it for, the interior is largely original (although in disrepair). The only reason people would visit it would be as part of another attraction and to see a restored Victorian Courthouse, I’m sure it would add something to the experience there, but as an attraction by itself would be very limited.

I guess we might xpect this to open in 2016 as part of the centinary of the 1916 Rising, no rush for the moment.

Does anyone know what they plan on doing with the Special Criminal Court Building after it moves to the new Courts Complex at Parkgate Street?

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