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Thats a fair point johnglas but you cant deny that the energy with which the area was originally developed has long gone.

There is some nice feature architecture there (the zinc stacks of the Distillery building for example, and Smithfield Market is a very well put together scheme) but the private investment in the area wont continue unless concerted public efforts area made and for me that means tackling the public domain, tackling its conectivity and relevance to the wider city, and targetiing the remaining vacant sites (including the very large one between Church Street and the square. I note a planning application here for new hoardings and further archaeological digs so it seems this gap will remain for a while yet.

The trend towards anti social behaviour in the area is also quite pronouced with groups of druggies etc regularly congregating. God only knows what the toruists in the Maldron and Park hotels think of it all. Its really not very pleasant. I think the location of the Chidren’s Court here was also a big mistake in hindsight. The open space in front of it makes it much more likely for people to linger about before and after. I think the Court should be moved (apologies to all those kids who commit crimes).

The wider context also needs to be considered. The Markets, which never even got off the drawing board, must surely rate as a priority for regeneration. Even the markets building whcih was restored a few years back is falling into disrepair again. Likewise streets such as Church Street and Blackhall Place/ Manor Street and the stretch of Luas.

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