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I used to work in Stoneybatter and when I first started working around there it was so drab and depressing. Even so, I used to like the fruit and vegetable market in Smithfield and there was a man selling plants outside it everyday – plenty of people browsing all the time (but not pretentious yuppy types obviously). I agree that the new apartment development was gentrification in it’s purest form and the cafes and the supermarket Fresh were clearly aimed at well-healed types. As someone working locally, though, I really appreciated the new seating area beside the supermarket as there was nowhere clean to sit and eat lunch before. I also agree that the events hosted there now are not being properly promoted – I used to just stumble across these things on my way to and from work, I wouldn’t have realised anything was happening there otherwise and it’s so handy to get to, as a venue, from the city centre.
I wish they would restore those old (18th century?) buildings too. Can’t believe we had the whole celtic tiger thing and they are still derelict. What a shame.

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