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modular man

@Maskhadov wrote:

this might not be popular but personally i would knock down all the above buildings and build them in line with the new buildings

It is a shame that they have fallen into such disrepair and I really do not know what will become of them. If they are restored it would merely be an act of facadism as that seems to be all that is left of them.

Having said that, No.81 North King Street (The building to the left of the above photo) has been undergoing a very successful restoration these last few years and James Kelly is to be commended as it will probably be all that will stay of the old Smithfield. I somehow get the feeling that the scale of this building is more appropriate for the space as a whole, but too late now.

Does anybody know if this building was part of a terrace as it seems to have a fairly established gable?

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