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@StephenC wrote:

No one can agree on good design, no one can agree on what colours work and what don’t, no one can control what premises are doing on a daily basis.

I know Stephen, all true. But one thing is for sure: poor quality is generating poor quality. The previous Gorta front, also installed without permission in the late noughties, led to the crude plastic ‘Trimmings’ shop fascia (just out of your picture on the left) being erected a year or so ago next door at 137 Capel Street, a Prot. Struc. The new gorta front is an Even Worse version of the previous one.

Likewise original 19th century shopfront consoles replaced without permission some time ago by crude oversized ‘traditional style’ ones by Ryan’s pub, 5 Queen Street, a Prot. Struc. (documented on ‘Shopfront Race to Bottom’ thread) led to the similar crude consoles erected today at 4 Queen Street. Same thing replicated across the city as you say.

While on Queen Street an honourable mention must go the Dice Bar opposite. In contrast to the crapfest of Ryan’s pub and Bargaintown, their signage is tastefully set with the historic shopfront fascia and architectural character of the overall building well maintained.

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