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they can cause heat/singe damage to some of the higher apartments

I have been on the roof closest to a brazier when the braziers were lit, they are a good 5 or 6 metres distance away. I’d be very suprised if heat damage was possible.

I think the braziers should stay, but perhaps have high power low energy LEDs installed to make beams of light shine from them. These could be easily colour keyed for various events.

Above all however Smithfield (Market) needs a feckin MARKET! Not a half ass planting (greening) scheme or a ‘strategy’. Just get a regular market in with stalls, get some toilets into the stupid block in the middle, repurpose the old ESB station back to a market official/policing office, bung a safe in it for change (and a kettle) and run the Temple Bar Market there on weekdays. Put a specialist vintage/camden lock type market in at the weekends. Add students/tourists (generator hostel opens soon).

A look along the LUAS line at the number of new veg shops will show how the area is crying out for a fruit/veg market as well to take advantage of the proximity of the wholesale market.

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