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Alek Smart

Perhaps with Fingal Co Co dispensing with the Fry Model Railway,some enterprising fellow,perhaps a foreigner,could see some benefit to relocating it to one of the many empty spaces which border the “Plaza”.?

“Also,and this will sound awful, whislt the Jameson Distillery development and Smithfield Market are finished off very well, they were always basically islands of affluence surrounded by ghettos. I know thats harsh, and many of the original inhabitants of the area are really decent upstanding people but there are also alot of “scumbags”, for want of a better term. Just look at all the behavior outside the childrens court…not to mention the horse fair!! That is not going to attract anybody.”

Thebig C sadly does have a point,which is not Smithfield specific but can be applied to many areas of Irish Life.

For sure the Luas people have a battle on their hands to reclaim their system from the clutches of a substantial number of those who see no value in respecting proiperty or other individuals rights to integrity.

No amount of Architectural innovation or flash design will make any difference in the absence of a functional social framework to support it…currrently Smithfields framework is tenuous at best and prone to sudden collapse with the usual results.

Sad yes,but it’s where we currently are and ,it would seem,where we wish to remain.

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