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Thanks a lot for those pics guys. a timely reminder of what was lost.

Incidently, I’m not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere but life is definitely coming back into Smithfield. The vacant commercial premises are slowly being taken over by artists. Several spaces along the western side have had temporary art events. At least 3 of them are (semi?) permanent. There are daily life drawing classes at Studio 54, graphic design classes at Block T Cultural Centre (the run down ‘Chinatown’ building/formerly Tullys Tiles) to name but a few. I passed by an alcohol-free disco one night two that looked interesting in another vacant retail unit. Theres some drama group in another one. The lighthouse cinema seems to be busy at least the odd few times ive been there recently. I’ve heard that Chief O’Neills Hotel is going to re-open as a hostel. Anyone else heard this? And finally, Thomas Reads has re-opened under a new name – presumably new owner as well seeing as they no longer exist as a going concern.

So…three cheers for the recession!!!…the Smithfield ‘cultural quarter’ can now finally bear fruit 🙂

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