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Nice photo. But what’s the point exactly.

Yeah, I seriously like to show off and pretend I am some kind of artist with deeper insight than normal human beings, from time to times. Apologises.


Some good points there indeed, and there are many flip-side arguments, and opposing views, to my general train of thought,… I am busy myself currently working with that train of thought, because my own train of thought would have been rather similar to your own, for most of my own life. It was only very recently, it was brought to my attention, other ways of looking at it, than what I had taken as conventional ‘common sense’ way to view things.

So, to put it one way, the jury is still out,… but I will continue to explore, this new train of thought of mine anyhow, to see where exactly it ends up.

We’re given the flip-side too, with the ever increasing tolls and the stephens green drunks.

I can tell you what though. If any of those drunks had been in selling, they would have been good.

I followed a drunk, who got thrown out of the Centra beside Judge Roy Beans on Nassau St., he put money into the cup of the homeless guy just outside that Centra, then went around the corner to Dawson Street where he pestered the people waiting for a No. 10 bus, I think. Anyhow, went up Dawson Street, hassled a couple of suits ‘on a night out’. Then got over to the Duke or someplace, and hassled the people drinking outside, then finally I left him and went home, as he was just getting started on some young lady standing outside smoking, at Eddy Irvine’s pub, the one called ‘Cocoon’.

I reckon I see this kind of thing all of the time, and it is sad to be reminded, in a time of such multi-cultural diversity in Dublin’s city centre, that Paddy Irish man can always be relied upon, to be the smelly bum wandering around streets harassing people. But it is true, unfortunately and I do feel ashamed. Something must have been deeply wrong in this country, before we got anywhere economically, in the big wide world. Just like the ‘street bums in the city centre’ problem, this is why I am suspicious of how we have dealt with traffic in the city, or town down through the years too – I don’t know if we ever seriously addressed the concept – probably not. You see?

Thankyou again for taking the time, to make your reply.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

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