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This is from the Economist Myron Scholes,… interesting observation.

In general, he said, new technologies are “often adopted before all the infrastructure” necessary for them to work at their best is ready. “If there is a value to a new technology it will survive.” As an analogy, he told of his recent trip to China’s Yangtze River region where people in relatively large numbers have just learned to drive automobiles. “They drive everywhere and stop in the middle of the fast lane if the rice falls off,” he said. That accounts for many more accidents than in Beijing, where people have learned to drive cars on crowded streets.

Isn’t it strange though, how something like the City seems to operate with a kind of ‘higher intelligence’ adapting its very form in evolutionary response, to fit snuggly around that new technology of the automobile?

As demonstrated by the two ‘Pattern’ JPEGs above.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

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