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ctesiphon wrote:
Didn’t you see the name of that poster over there? The circle is smaller than you think! 😉

I’m really at a loss to understand this one. I’m sitting here – cocoa, pipe and slippers all present and correct – with the Inspector’s Report and the Board’s Decision, trying to get a handle on their reasoning, but it’s not falling into place. I don’t think the Board has been wicked, tricksy and false, I’m saying it’s made the wrong decision.

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Sorry for being flippant and opaque.

I think the decision is wrong and I fear it will open the ‘exceptional circumstances’ floodgate (sadly I will end up quoting it frequently in support of my well-heeled clients) – but I couldn’t resist taking a poke at the po-faced champions (until recently) of ABP (‘my preeccciouuus’). (I have long had a disregard for ABP)

I had left this forum as I was tired of the superiority complex and developers ‘bad’,4 legs (or 2 storey dross) ‘good’ bias – but I do accept that this is seriously regressive decision.

I really have no interest in provoking controversy – but is there any possibility that this type of bad decision (not made by planners btw) may be partly a response to the unjustified deification of EVERY protected structure (regardless of intrinsic value) by certain people?

Now you have made me post again!!

I shall fetch my slippers.

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