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@shamrockmetro wrote:

Well I will comment!!!! ( i wasn’t going to)


3. its just not the for the liffy/location…

BUT was liberty hall???
was the bank of scotland??? sorry ulster
was the department of justice in smithfields ? (notice you can see it from the spire)
was the guinness white factory tower that is so well hidden because its white
was the AIB bank in docklands that makes liberty hall look small fry??
was the irish rail bridge???
was the heinekien building??

4. Is it even in the right place???
5. What if they sell it and let it rot while they move to docklands as a lasting reminder?


1. It hides the DCC bunkers??

2. Has anyone ever noticed that if you stand in the middle of the occonnel st bridge it will look like a queens crown with two churches flanking it perfectly aligned?? Almost like the mosques in istanbul turkey….
if they got serious lighting on the two churches it might not look 2 bad from there but I would need to see a render first to comment….]

has anyone noticed this stand there and you will see….

it does have the same idea as the top of liberty hall…

3. if anyone says they would like liberty hall to stay as is then I don’t think they can object to this project

4. despite what people say the design is top notch world class very very good its just a question of if its the right site in the right context…. I did say if it is the right site and context!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
remember that

I welcome your comments!!! im not for or against it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK to respond
It doesn’t hide the DCC Bunkers

It’s a massive bulk plonked on to existing facades/heights

If they sell it maybe it’ll be sold to someone with a business plan, if they leave it rot they are even more hypocritical than before

“same idea as liberty hall” on a monsterous scale and whilst the viewing platform was for the benefit of the public – this viewing space in the Clarence is private

I want to keep liberty hall but object to this

It’s not the right site and I don’t believe that just because a project is designed by a starchitects practice (not necessarily the great man himself) that the project is by definition world class – this is just a massive bulk plonked behind a lopsided facade.

Can we see proper daylight renderings of this design?

I don’t think that Dublin should be bullied into accepting this by fawning over bonob/foster.

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