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@Praxiteles wrote:

Yes indeed, with all those pine trees along the way, the drive into Shannon on a wet morning reminds me greatly of the awful dreariness of the Mecklenburg heath]

Ist das Glas halb voll oder halb leer?😉

Yes indeed, 28.000 trees were planted for landscaping in 1968 because they were very important for shelter, due to the exposed nature of the estuary. Driving into Shannon on a sunny morning reminds me greatly of the positive energy unleashed by Shannon Development in the 1960’s to counteract that awful dreariness of mass emigration from Munster and Connacht; while the factory buildings inevitably impress an idea, and remind the sensitive mind of Sean Lemass who started to address the failed protectionist policies of the Irish Free State – now thankfully embalmed in the pages of Irish history.

@KerryBog2 wrote:

A friend of mine was manager of the Penneys shop in Shannon TC in the early ’70’s… it was looked upon as a hardship posting, a necessary stopping point on the way up the management tree. For years after it was regarded akin to a transfer to Siberia ( a suitable comparison as it was a bleak place!)

Eric Hoenecker was manager of a Penneys shop in Mecklenburg &#8230]“That’s tough sh*t Eric!”[/B] 😀

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