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I stayed here recently.

I must admit I thought it was a former County Home before I checked in and kept wondering why the (original rooms) were relatively small.

My visit was initially over shadowed by foul weather, a problem about a missing reservation, and a less than helpful staff member dealing with it. However, the initial conversion is an interesting mix of old and new materials and a rather nice choice of interior fabric and pictures in both public spaces and bedrooms. It is certainly worth a walk through if in Sligo. The two exterior former (mortuary?) chapels do give a fairly creepy air to the front drive.

I noticed that the street is called “Clarion Road” now. Anybody recall what it was before?
By the way my first time back in Sligo for many years, while there is much new building a lot of it is not of the type likely to wear well. Even at the weekend, the traffic was painfully slow, the signage fairly dire for a tourist place.

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