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@Punchbowl wrote:

They’d wanna be very careful as this is beginning to look more like a rebuild than a conservation.. I take particular offence to the PVC door (why not an authentic thick native wooden one?) and that pokey little window. As for the interior, I agree that some of the weathering could be removed, but maintain the brick work, stem the deteroation and leave it showing it’s age, gracefully.

Thanks God we’ve got a Green Government now 😮

I think the information panel in the chapel mentioned that the doors were there as a measure to halt the deterioration of the paintings. Of course they’re not beautiful, but the doors are the very last thing to think about, after the actual fabric has been properly secured. I’m just puzzled as to why there is still a problem that they’re trying to overcome; it’s a very small little chapel; hasn’t the science of conservation/preservation advanced far enough to make this a quite feasible job by now? Surely all the issues should long have been dealt with definitively.

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