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Seventeenth-century drawing from Pacata Hibernia

A. Three round towers that beare Ordinance.
B. The new bulwarck capable of 5 or 6 great peeces.
C. The storehoufe.
D. The Drawbridge.
E. The Ditche. (E = denotes also east)
F. A Saly porte.
G. parte of the Townewall.
H. The bridge ouer into Towmond.
I. Dores into the tower.
K. an aßcent by staires to the footepath on y wall.
L. a Slope aßcent to y Platforme on y bulwarck.

There is a lot of interesting reading to be found on the local studies site of the city library.


The newspaper clippings from the 1960s to the present day, document City Halls aspirations for the castle (i.e. tourist attraction).

Any new developments here?

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