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Additionally check this one out too at O’Mahony’s Bookshop


c. 840 to c. 1900

Viking Longphort to Victorian City

By Eamon O’Flaherty and Jennifer Moore (9781904890713)

This pocket map is an ancillary to Irish Historic Towns Atlas, No. 21: Limerick by Eamon O’Flaherty (2010). Similar in format to such maps produced for Belfast, Dublin, and New Ross, the booklet includes over 250 features of the city of Limerick for the period c. 840 to c. 1900, plotted onto a modern base and indexed. Color-coded streets indicate the start of the Viking settlement, through to the medieval, early modern, and modern development of the urban core of Limerick. It also contains a commentary on the urban development of Limerick and a chronological index to sites. It offers a new visual insight into the evolution of the city over the centuries and is an ideal aid for walking tours of historic Limerick.

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