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Spinal Tap

@Radioactiveman wrote:

I’d always point visitors in the direction of The Cork Gaol in Sundays Well, the Museum in Fitzgerald park, the ogham corridor in UCC and St.Finbarres Cathedral. For a city the size of cork, I believe we have our fair share of visitor attractions. That being said, Spinal Tap has come up with a good Wish List for the city in terms of attractions. I’d add to that as follows:
A national interactive science museum
A national events centre

Notice I said national. There is no reason why national institutions should not be based in Cork, or for that matter Limerick or Galway, etc. This government is determined to decentralise pen-pushers without decentralising any of the good stuff!
Feel free to add to the list and we’ll come up with some sort of top 10.

The current Government is going to get a big surprise in Cork at the next election I’d say as the second city does’nt get a major government department in decentralisation and I voted for them the last time !

Cork Airport debt fiasco.
1 airbridge farce.
Broadband access.
Delayed funding for school of music / Cork 2005.

Killarney has beaten us to the National Events Centre and best of luck to them as they had the guts to do it whilst the second city procrastinates.

4.2 million people in the country and the balance shifts even more to the east coast.

Add to list of ideas for Cork and we will get a top ten.Innovation and feasability required i.e.something that is a success elsewhere and we could do with (not the usual Starbucks & H&M stuff ).

Indoor winter sports centre

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