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Alek Smart

Well just to prove that this thread would not actually be acted upon in Civic Offices, yesterday (27th) saw some SUPER civil works being carries out in the CC.
The most enthusiastic was the arrival of some DCC staff in a small pick-up truck to the collapsed portion of the Leeson St Contra-Flow Bus Lane at the Pembroke St junction.
The bould DCC men unloaded a Wheelbarrow and filled it with some tar and chippings which they then proceeded to transfer into the fissure.
The mixture was then tapped gingerly with their shovels and Bus Drivers were even guided to position their wheels over the pieces which needed tamping..
But the evening witnessed a rather comprehensive exhibition of various civil works contractors carrying out trenching works at various locations in the City Centre.
The most dangerous and slipshod of these was in Suffolk St where the excavation was at the actual Bus Stops for both Dublin Bus and Aircoach.
Added to this was the presence of the hoarding outside the old Ulster Bank which is being refurbished.
At no point in the proceedings did ANY functionary from either Dublin City Council or Dublin Bus consider it worth their time or efffort to take action to reduce or eliminate the risk to both pedestrians and intending Bus Passengers.
It appears that both entities operate on the basis of “Ah sure they`ll be only there for a few hours”
The evening was somewhat rescued in a way by a serious Road Traffic Accident on Dawson St which necissated the Diverting of Traffic away from the entire area,a course of action which should have been implimented for the duration of the Suffolk St work.
The awful disaster on Wellington Quay appears top have faded from collective Civic and Corporate memory but one thing is for certain and that is the speed at which such accidents happen does not allow for such slipshod and amateurish inaction as was witnessed last evening.
In addition to this there were similarly non-managed sites at Tara St/Pearse St/D`Olier st which caused difficulties for Traffic and pedestrians.
Once again the common thread appears to be Speed-“The get stuck in and get it finished quick” principle in the hope that nobody will notice or complain.
The various contractors involved all appear to be content to disregard any or all safety regulations both for their own staff and for unfortunates who might just happen to be passing by.
This attitude of course allows for Maximum Profit from the Job and when added to a compliant and inactive City Administration is really a prime example of the Golf Course contracting principle.
All I wish to see is some evidence that the well paid and supposedely professional Civil Engineering fraternity are actually required to take an overview of the Works being carried out and to also be FORCED to make Traffic Arrangements in line with Best Practice in Safety Terms.
The present exhibitions of such works in the City almost totally rely on the skill and awareness of individual Drivers to ensure public safety.
If the City Manager and Director of Traffic are prepared to preside over and encourage this continuing dangerous practice then they should be required to make public any Safety Statements in relation to such contracted works.
The reality for me is that if this was London and the carry on I saw last evening was attempted,it would be allover the Local TV and Papers and somebody would be looking for resignations….But hey !!….It`s only the Brits that do that sort of thing…Paddy will keep his head down till it all blows over….Tiochfaidh ar Là indeed…. 😡

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