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true jdivision, but I believe there’s an ambiguity there where the City Council can have a say, maybe not

Devin “Re: the Arnotts car park ramp – the council have indicated their unwillingness to facilitate this idea in their Further Information request.”. I read that as them asking the developer to give them stronger proof that this is the only option, so that in the case of an Appeal and Oral Hearing irrefutable evidence can be provided vindicating this approach. Pre-planning consultation did not remove it from the proposal, which always worries me. Did they ask for a revision? I didn’t think they had.

Yeh BX is going back to consultation, about 1 year since the last one… hopefully this will achieve exactly what we all have in our heads in relation to the Civic Spine. They’re taking their sweet time though…

And yeh I agree he faces an uphill struggle, as many officials have over the years. I honestly think that, despite my many gripes, he’s winning the battle, and the improvements over the last decade have been immense. I just think he tends to live on the bullsh1t side of the street with phrases like “bring ”design energy’ to Ballsbridge”, Although what he said above on high rise is absolutely spot on, especially his underhanded rebuttal of Morrisey’s nonsense.

Feb 19th will be a very big day for the city. (open to correction on the date) The day the truck ban comes in. Once people see the effects of taking that traffic away, they’ll start thinking about other traffic. Remember it wasn’t that long ago that O’Connell st was effectively an urban highway until the parnell sq. restriction came in. I believe they’re going to ban through traffic in front of the GPO (you won’t be able to drive past it anymore) soon enough too, which will help greatly.

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