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Originally posted by burge_eye

More generally, however, It gives ample opportunity for discussion and the odd rant (Diaspora(!)). Planning applications aren’t advertisements – they are aspirations – for either good or bad.

Father Matthews is covered adequately in another thread. we don’t really need to digress here.

The only rant on this thread has been that directed against An Taisce, when particular individuals are asked to explain their views they simply reduce the argument to a level that deserves a heated response.

The illegal demolition of Fr Mathew’s Hall was posted on this thread 2 full days before I started its own thread to attempt to stimulate some discussion on the topic.

It is quite clear that some individuals on this thread have no interest in the quality architecture, any development constitutes good development. Once its new that is, anything or anyone who holds a differing opinion is either mad or rants.

But my fundamental greivance hasn’t been addressed, the biggest loss to Cork’s historical building fabric in years Fr Mathew Hall.

One good yardstick in life is always keep the question in focus, this hasn’t happened on this thread.

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