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@JB wrote:

Not quite what I meant about the Insulation Bren 88, of course the insulation has to comply with the regs and should be of the best standard you can get. However, with the floor construction, its not, as you say, just the same as new build, beacause the radon barrier is not fully exposed because the existing walls are in place.

If you read my post again I clearly say that this doesn’t apply where the randon barrier isn’t fully exposed, or awkwardly exposed. i was refering to an extension where the existing wall is removed, as it is possible to seal to the RB in this situation. As you said that this was impossible. I never recomended (and never would) seal an RB to plaster or masonary, they would be no seal. Or to the exposed radon barrier above the plinth, maily because this is the DPC and not a randon barrier.

Also, the benefit of the radon barrier in the proposed extension will be removed if there is no radon barrier in the house ie. if it was built before the building regulations came in to being. Same applies to the insulation situation.

You said that the randon barrier has no benefit if the house doesn’t have one, i was clearing that up for the original poster, as it still gives some protection against randon, but also more importantly against moisture.
Maybe I misunderstood you on the insulation, but you did say that the benefit was also removed if the house was without insulation. Maybe thats not what you meant.
Wasn’t trying to have a go at you, only trying to clear the info up for the OP.

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