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Hi again Susan, when reading your post I can but imagine how you must have knowing that

the person building the house is an architect house is an architect and deals with the planning authories and his sister works for the planning authories

It can send out the wrong signals and make you feel that no matter what you do this is already a done deal. I admit that’s a sweeping statement but sometimes it’s who’s involved in a planning case that affects how we generally react to it.

If it’s of any comfort I want you to know that you’re not alone in that respect.

Recently, I too was caught up in a planning case wherein the architect is a relative of the applicants and a local county councillor is not only a friend of this architect but certain members of the archtects family actually have a working relationship with the aforesaid councillor.

I apologise for detracting from your predicament and despite how you may feel at this time your chances are in no way ‘SLIM’. Your appeal will matter and will be taken into account, it is one of the fortunate elements of the Irish Planning System whereby we have the right to appeal.

Please keep us updated on your case.

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