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A few years ago Jon Biehler took a life-changing bicycle ride through the US state of Maine. He happened upon a school – the Shelter Institute – which would eventually transform him from a teacher into an architect and builder, the sort of man able to put a roof over his own head…. / House & Home – A hands-on revolution

Are there similar schools in Ireland and the UK?

Yes, ask Healy-Rae, any of them. I’m convinced there is one here in Kerry. Why? Well, I take d’oul bike out meself, periodically, and cycle bits of the Ring. However, it’s not health-improving (tour buses, caravans, etc.). Nor is it life improving, when I see the odious one-offs, stone-clad concrete box selfbuilds. Bereft of coherent form, style or grace, they are owned by visually impaired artistically challenged DIY-ers.

I’m good at what I do (non-construction related) and if I had the need I could put a roof over my head but for a home I used an architect. The countryside is bad enough already.

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