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What should be a simple and clear issue of re-routing immediately becomes a typically Irish fudge of how to devise and implement “Accessibility” arrangements for the private car parks.

Totally agree; I spent about three minutes scrawling an argument as to why we shouldn’t attempt to buy out multi-story car-parks beofre realising that your main point appears to be ‘end the fudge’ Proper traffic management is required 365 days a year and not just around Christmas time to get shoppers in and out of car-parks; the behaviour of white van man in Dublin as against other cities defies belief at times even more so when white van man is a woman parking in a clearway to pick up 20 Carrolls in Spar.

Each space in City Centre multi-storey car-parks are worth €175-275,000 dependent on location; they are a scarce resource which would cost over €1bn to buy out. There are also large numbers of consumers that would not enter the City Centre in their absence.

Having said that I think what people really want is a City Centre experience that doesn’t involve excessive traffic volumes when they arrive and I agree with other posters that the convenience of pedestrians must come first.

What is sorely missing in Dublin is organisation of the Bus system which in comparison to London is chaotic; It is clear that it may not be be economically viable to build a bus station but the least that could be done in the interim is to ensure a clear passage for buses in the centre of the city unimpeded by traffic that has neither origin nor destination there.

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