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its funny- would seem that a ‘certain’ period of time needs to pass in order for these buildings to become fashionable again- i could be wrong but i believe this period is about 40-50 years in duration- im just thinking about how the classic ‘modern’ of the 1930’s became fashionable in the 70’s…though i wonder if this cycle is speeding up? im looking at 80’s buildings that have a classical pastiche vibe going on with a certain tenderness of the eye! i kid you not!!

Ah, nostalgia for the postmodern! Be careful of that, sounds like it could be dangerous šŸ™‚

I was thinking of forming the Fake-Georgian Society, if you want to join? Essentially, my aim would be to stop reproductions that attempt to mimic original Georgians and instead force anything built in or near the Georgian area of the city be in keeping with the reproductions from the 1980s. :p

Joking aside, I remember hearing that it buildings may be in vogue for up to 25 years, and then may go out of fashion for about 25 before being appraised again. However, with the speed in which 1st generation offices are disappearing in Dublin it could happen faster, if it was to happen at all. I always feel that I am alone in my fondness for buildings like House of Ireland and the New Ireland buildings on Nassau Street, to name a few.

Of course it seems there are buildings from this era that are already coming into much wider appreciation, such as Bank of Ireland Baggot St. I think that the Central Bank will be widely appreciated in the city in years to come. I like the way small bits of it can be seen from various areas around the centre of the city.

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