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the U2 tower will get shorter than the current proposals.

I predict – with a degree of certainty I wouldn’t usually use – that it will be developed by Liam Carroll. Don’t think it will be lower though. I think the DDDA will announce that taller buildings will be allowed in Spencer Dock and at least one other north docklands location. The Point Theatre tower redesign has already been signalled by Harry Crosbie.
Elsewhere, I guess the metro will be delayed, the Luas extension to Cherrywood will be delayed, the extension to Citywest will be ahead of schedule.
Other predictions:
Sean Dunne’s Jurys proposals will be lodged in February and will meet a mixed reaction with most people outside Ballsbridge approving and those living in immediate area opposing. Ray Grehan’s scheme will contain a lot more office use than previously expected
Academy Street will be appealed to ABP and the board will take even longer than usual to adjudicate on it
The proposed retail plan around the Westbury will come up again and again but not much progress will be made
The Grafton Street area plan will fail
Bewleys on Grafton Street will close within the next 18 months
The next applications for the Digital Hub sites will also be rejected

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