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Bishop Magoo sells off St.Colman’s for 1 Euro to the FOSCC and heads off and sets up an Iconoclasm Colony on Spike Island. Alas due to bridge building being cancelled and high ferry costs, Denis the Menace Reidy has taken on Ferryman job in a 2nd hand currach.

Bishop hits the news again with his cunning re-ordering plans for Spike which he intends setting up a Vatican II Theme Park (incorporating the now popular franchise ‘Lithurigal Anomalyland’).
A 2nd currach will be put in place and vocations for 2nd ferry rowers are now being considered.

Bishop appoints ‘Changing Rooms’ star Lawrence Llewlyn-Bowen as chief Prison Cell re-ordering designer. Mr. L.B. promises only to use the best MDF, with central altar in middle of square in moulded plastic, maintenance free and as close to the congregation as possible (can be moved to pier on bad days to get closer to congregation should they be delayed on currach run to island).

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