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Under the National Development Plan, the Metro will be extended to serve IKEA in Belfast, as part of a cross-community initiative and to relieve possible future bottlenecks on the M50. The Metro will also stop at Aldergrove, due to continuing delay to the terminal and runway developments at Dublin Airport.

Baggage cars will be ordered for addition to the LUAS, not so much for airport passengers as for the IKEA customers making transit connections.

An Taisce will complain that the proposed route interferes with the Battle of the Boyne site. The DUP will complain of improper interference with a necessary infrastructural initiative. Archaeological excavation there will reveal that King James II had a plan to make Dublin the capitol of the British Isles, using the Carlton site as his palace.

Bishop Magee will propose to erect a new Cathedral for the 21st century, using design, build and operate procedures and on a Greenfield site.

A housing crisis, rather similar to that that gave rise to Ballymun, will be triggered by a number of incidents with over obese children becoming trapped in Section 24 apartments.

A car will drive the wrong way down the Port Tunnel and emerge safely, due to lack of traffic.

There will be an exhibition in the RIAI for which there is some promotional advertising, so that there are more than two people there at any time.


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