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@wearnicehats wrote:

I wonder if DCC will be forced to develop a local area development plan just for the jurys / vet site alone due to it’s mass?

It’s already at pre-draft consultation stage. Not that it will matter. It will be written by Sean Dunne’s Planning Consultants, and will state that buildings will be no higher than 35 storeys, no limits on density, site coverage, plot ratio, no social and affordable houisng (it’s bringing Knightsbridge to Ballsbridge after all) etc etc.

Then all the residents will hire their own consultants a la Lansdowne Road, and they’ll draft their submissions. Words will be had. Compromi$e$ will be reached. And Sean Dunne will get his wish. Not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. That part of town is damn ugly and those hotels need to be razed. As long as their replacements aren’t bloody awful too I suppose

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