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Hanse Haus does not like the term kit house used for their houses. They build pre-fabricated timber frame houses to custom specifications. The houses arrive on lorries and their own crews erect the houses on site. This way Hanse Haus can stand over the very long warranty they give. They are building houses to customer specification and to planning permission. The newest edition is that they build passive houses in a pre-fabricated manor, as well as low-energy houses. Hanse Haus operates quiet successfully since 2004 on the Irish market. They are even more successful on the UK market. Hanse Haus can provide you with certifications that the houses last for at least 100 years. As the company is 80years in business this year . They certainly most have done something right. Why do you not contact one of the sales people on the website? They would give you a wealth of information and also you could get in touch with some of their clients and talk to people that have build a Hanse Haus in Ireland?

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