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Interesting reading on kit houses, a very good friend of mien has build a post & beam house in Ireland, and paid €300/sq ft or more, yes she could have had one for €250 per sq ft but “at a much lower quality” the German company told her, It is fascinating how these house go up and are worked on, there is no doubt in my mind turn key is the way to go with these kit houses, having researched the market for quite some time now and taking into consideration that 2011 will be passive house standard, I want to take the root of passiv haus, but who?? I have looked at quite a few options i.e. Hanser, Griffner, Scandinavian, but who stands out as having the best offer with quality, specification, and costs. I spoke already to such guys and they seem to be very nice – has someone experience with them or know other companies…. interested to hear from you!



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