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hmm, didnt check this for a while… i never meant to say that dublin is not “21st century” just its planning towards high rise, high rise which is definetly needed. sprawl is very problematic and is eating up country round dublin. i am not adamant about high rise because i say wow when looking at new york or the like but becase this would solve so many problems in dublin, it would be great for public transport and solve congestion, communting times and deal with that nasty endless sprawl of ugly housing estates. i like the low rise skyline of dublin and the ocasional high rise cluster would only complement it if designed well, this dosnt mean i want a “audio metre” skyline, just a more capable inner city. btw, dublin is definetly not the equivalent of a birmingham suburb! birmingham has a population of 991,900 as of last cencus and thats it, dublin with “the greater area” included is over 1.2 million – larger than birmingham

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