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what county will you be applying in archipig??
some counties do their own percolation testing, which you have to apply for….. others accept private test results from approved agants…

has the builder had a preplanning meeting to see if he complies to the ‘Rural Housing Guidelines’???

read all the available documentation in the LA about preparing a planning application, then read up on the planning act of 2000, 2006 and 2007 to see what information must be submitted in an application….

if the LA has a system where you can see planning documents on line then have a good look at the seperate information submitted and then at the detail of this information….

if you havent experience with preparing applications then the validation process might be hell for you….you need to realis ethat if anything at all is wrong or omitted then the application will be sent back…. in this i will advise you not to put the notice into the paper untill everything else is ready….

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