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As part of any application to develop / extend the cottage the council will probably bring the capacity and working of the septic tank into question… therefore a few qustions have to be answered

1. Is the ownership of the septic tank shared… or does one party just have a legal entitlement to use it?
2. how may bedrooms does the septic tank cater for between the two dwellings? when you get into a situation in excess of 5 you are into engineered siuation….(possibly in excess of 4000 litres)
3. does any percolation area exist?…
4. are you sure the existing arrangement had been allowed by the council, and if so what were the conditions?

heres a few possible issues:

The council may ask for a chartered engineer to certify that the septic tank can cater for the increased loading…..
it may not be capable…. (id suggest consulting one before any application goes in)
If the ownership is shared then the upgrading of it may not be possible due to the lack of cooperation of one party…….
If no or limited percolation exists, the council may ask for more linear meters to be included, and there may not be enough space on-site…….
if a percolation area is to be included, it severly depletes the area which can be developed, as no part of any dwelling can be within 20 m of this percolation area…. on a 1/4 acre site this could be paramount..

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