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I’m a layman like the OP. Firstly, do you have valid grounds on which to object? Is the block going to overview your property?Block your light? The cheap way of doing this is to log on the Bord Pleanala website and look at recent decisions regarding apartment developments that were either refused or approved on appeal. Look at the submissions, observations, etc. and see what was important to the Bord / Planning officer in them. Anyone with a modicum of cop would see what is possible in the development . A planning consultant is a possibility and if your neighbours also are against the development they possibly would share the cost. A joint approach also would strengthen your case. As for lawyers, run a mile. Nothing against Arthur Cox, but big law firms have very fancy offices, pretty (usually) receptionists and high outgoings to pay for. People who go to law for principle pay for all that.

Couln’t agree more. For a “layman” you have well and truly hit the nail on the head.

I’m involved in submitting planning applications but I prefer to keep a watching brief on matters of objections and that is why I haven’t been too generous with advice here for the OP

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