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I find the Chairman’s comments disingenuous in the extreme.
The Bord are charged primarily with upholding the principles of proper planning and sustainable development.
Having regard to Government Policy cannot mean abandoning all planning principles and building isolated residential enclaves.
Judicial Review is not the forums people seem to think it is – the Decisions of the Bord can only be reviewed on a Technical issue – not the whole case.

It is quite clear that the Bord, as the ultimate arbiter of what was granted permission during the Tiger years, have a case to answer.
On Planning Matters, the Bord is the ultimate arbiter, with the power to inspect and balance the decision appropriately.

The Ex-Chairman wringing his his hands is very much a Pontius Pilate move designed to avoid public approbium.
No one has really analyzed the parts played by Estate Agents Auctioneers and Valuers in all of this.
No one has taken a case against any corrupt Council or barred people from seeking re-election.
It is quite clear self-serving and corrupt decisions were made, yet nothing is being done.


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