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@alonso wrote:

kinda confused… are you an objector and did the council make a decision before they sent you a copy of the AI? what’s the current status?

if it’s what i think, the decision is invalid and should be appealed on those grounds. It should be quashed and it’ll be back to the drawing board

I think he’s saying that the council sent out a request for further info but it wasn’t sent until 2 days after the decision was due. what council was it?

DCC describe their timeframe for a decision as “Generally 8 weeks from the date of lodgement of an application”, whereas Galway specifically state that it should be requested within 8 weeks of receipt. But – and please someone correct me if I’m wrong – from memory there’s nothing in the statutes about it. You might do more harm than good by rattling the planner’s cage. If it were me I would let sleeping dogs lie, put in the FI, and wait the 4 weeks for a decision.

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