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firstly, i makes no sense to withdraw the application before the final grant….
secondly, you havent been restricted to a bungalow, you have been restricted to a storey and a half dwelling….

your only option, (if that planners is going to be around for the forseeable future), is to appeal that condition to an Bord Pleanala…. but be warned, your probably talking about a six month turn around there….

you may have good grounds, if you can include in your appeal a rural scape elevation showing the ground, path, floor and ridge levels of the adjoining site dwellings… and show that your ridge isnt above them…it makes sense that if both neighbouring dwellings are approx 7m in height that the planner would restrict you to a similar ridge height……

8.5 m is a bit excessive for a two storey dwelling… ….. but again, the restriction to 7m is low for a storey and a half dwelling….. even dormers are in the region of 7.5 m….
but any good architect could design a ‘narrow plan’ storey and a half dwelling that would maximise ceiling heights…….
just because you specify a ridge height on an outline application, that doesnt mean it carries any weight during the process…..

the fact that the build would have higher costs is nothing to do with the planner, if he deems the dwelling to be excessive in height then he has to act on it…..

BTW, the planner is answerable to the senior executive planner, who has to ‘sign off’ the decision, assuming the planner him/herself isnt the senior executiv planner…..

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