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From experience, Louth CoCo don’t allow 2 storey dwellings in rural areas much these days – they’re quite happy with single storeys, dormer style or split levels, though. While 7m does seem quite low (7.5m is what we usually get conditioned, albeit by Monaghan CoCo), it’s not going to be impossible. .

I’m inclined to agree – go with the flow and see if you can pick up another bit of height by using a good architect.

However you do have a very good case for appeal in my view – due to the obvious precedent beside you and the lack of any clear direction in the County Development Plan.

See Section 4.10 of the Plan (Design considerations for ‘one-off’ housing in the countryside) and check the provisions relating to your particular area.You should also check any local plan for your area – on the County Council website.

If a ridge height criterion is not listed then get the Planners Report on your case from the PA and see what grounds he advanced for his decision.

If the grounds are not stated (or not reasonable and unsupported by the Plan/s) then go for an Appeal. You would be lucky to get a result in 6 months the way things are going at present though.

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