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From experience, Louth CoCo don’t allow 2 storey dwellings in rural areas much these days – they’re quite happy with single storeys, dormer style or split levels, though. While 7m does seem quite low (7.5m is what we usually get conditioned, albeit by Monaghan CoCo), it’s not going to be impossible. Louth CoCo, as far as I’ve dealt with them, really appreciate good design that takes the site into consideration and will actually let you get away with quite unusual and/or modern solutions if they’re well thought out – find yourself a good architect (check the RIAI website for local ones) and you’ll be flying! I’m not sure I’d go down the appeal route on this – you’re looking at a minimum of 6 months and you’d need to put a good case together to stand a chance…you never know, if you submit a design they like on foot of your outline permission, they might be more flexible with the height? I’d definitely suggest taking a design into a pre-planning meeting before submitting anything and asking them what they think.

I’d also guess that quite a few of the 18 conditions are fairly standard, once you read through them – stuff like drainage and planting.

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